Introduction 2.  The Scheme 3.  Transport and Parking 4.  Design, Materials, the Hotel
& Next Steps


The public exhibition

Thank you to all of you who came to our exhibition to view and have your say on the new redevelopment proposals for the Hampton Court station site, which also includes the former Jolly Boatman.

These were held on Thursday 21 June and Friday 22 June at the Thames Motor Yacht Club.

As a record of the exhibition, you can view the exhibition banners by using the links below. Alternatively, guide yourself through this website using the tiles above.

Banner 1: Welcome 

Banner 2: History 

Banner 3: The 2008 Permitted Scheme 

Banner 4: Proposed new scheme 

Banner 5: Opening up the station and riverside front 

Banner 6: Car Parking 

Banner 7: Transport and Access 

Banner 8: Around the station 

Banner 9: Design and materials 

Banner 10: Construction 

Banner 11: Summary of new plans