Local MP calls for homes next to stations to be developed

Dominic Raab, local MP for Esher and Walton and Conservative leadership contender, has emphasised the need to be bold and brave, to build homes on Network Rail land and on sites within a a kilometre or mile of train stations, and to prevent green belt development.

Speaking to Iain Dale on LBC about whether he could build 300,000 homes without encroaching on the green belt, Raab said "We need to try and exhaust the sites within a kilometre or even a mile of train stations. I think we should prioritise brownfield land - that's really important."

"I would be looking much more with a fine tooth-comb at releasing public sector land.  We have got a crazy situation  where we have got Network Rail depots, NHS car parks, MOD barracks, and prisons, in areas with really high real estate, where we could realise a much greater value, whilst freeing up land to provide the homes that young people that those on lower and middle income need."

Earlier Raab, a former Housing Minister, had said we need to be "much braver and much bolder" on housing.  "The economists say that unless we build 300,000 homes a year, we won't get the cost (of housing) down."