Network Rail support

Network Rail have confirmed their support for the Hampton Court station planning application.

In a letter to the council, Anthony Green, Development Manager for Network Rail Property, confirmed that Network Rail together with their operating partner South Western Railway, fully support the planning application in its current form and that the parking provision has been assessed and considered appropriate for their future operations.

Network Rail have followed statutory operating obligations, namely Licence Condition 7 (LC7 land disposal), and have therefore consulted with all statutory consultees, both within the rail industry and external stakeholders including local authorities and the land disposal has received specific consent from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), with specific reference to the car-parking provision.

He also confirmed that Network Rail have agreed with their industry partners South Western Railway that the parking provision in the proposed scheme offers ample capacity for projected future passenger growth as well as for designated residents parking. There is also sufficient capacity in the proposal to allow significant additional paid public parking should the need arise.

It is also worth noting that the development offers a significant opportunity to improve the Station itself and the immediate public realm which will greatly enhance passenger and public experience. Specific funding has been put aside for station improvements as part of the proposal.

Mr Green was writing in respect of the above planning application, which encompasses Network Rail land on the eastern and western sides of Hampton Court Station, together with the adjoining former Jolly Boatman site that is owned by Alexpo Limited.