Flower Show Video

Here's a video we made about the flower show.

Flower Show Parking

The station car park is unlikely to be closed during the flower show if the development gets the go-ahead, the developers have confirmed.  This will mean there will be additional car parking capacity during the flower show to that at present.

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People love the open space

Local people have overwhelmingly backed the Jolly Boatman site becoming a landscaped open public space.

In a survey, conducted by the Hampton Court Rescue Campaign (HCRC) earlier this year, 73% of the local audience agreed that the site should be landscaped and become an open public space.  Just under 15% disagreed.

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Local MP calls for homes next to stations to be developed

Dominic Raab, local MP for Esher and Walton and Conservative leadership contender, has emphasised the need to be bold and brave, to build homes on Network Rail land and on sites within a a kilometre or mile of train stations, and to prevent green belt development.

Speaking to Iain Dale on LBC about whether he could build 300,000 homes without encroaching on the green belt, Raab said "We need to try and exhaust the sites within a kilometre or even a mile of train stations. I think we should prioritise brownfield land - that's really important."

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Local business group supports application

Local business group, the Surrey Chamber of Commerce, have given their support to Alexpo and Network Rail Infrastructure's plans for new jobs, new homes, a brand new public square and a better traffic network at Hampton Court.

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Sustans and Green Spaces team support

Sustrans - the custodians of the National Cycle Network - have written in support of the improvements to the highway layout, and proposed improvements for pedestrian and cycle users. 

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Addressing the issues of Hampton Court Palace

Alexpo and Network Rail have had a good working relationship with Hampton Court Palace since we bought the site in 2014, and have met regularly and engaged positively and constructively with this important consultee.  The Palace's main objection to the Gladedale scheme has been overcome.

As a result, the public square will remain open space forever, we are using new bricks for part of the development, windows that do not reflect the glare, different materials on the balconies, and entering into a legal commitment on the height of buildings.

Network Rail have reiterated that, whilst the current car park is hardly used - with usage typically at less than 50%, the car park is private and for use of rail passengers, and may be restricted by the rail operator during the flower show and other times of high demand.

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Network Rail clarify parking issues

Network Rail, the owners of the station car park, have clarified that the car park is private for the use of rail passengers, that the car park has a typical usage of less than 50% in a typical day (and less at weekends), and that they would be happy to permanently restrict car park use to rail passenger users, residents of the new flats and overnight hotel users.

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A new station

The ways that Hampton Court station will be improved are:

  1. Full overhaul, repair (where necessary) and redecoration of the locally-listed station buildings and concourse.
  2. Repair and retention of the canopies.  The previous application, by Gladedale, did not include the retention of the station canopies.
  3. Brand new ticket machines for the station.
  4. Increased cycle parking, and replacement of cycle racks.
  5. Improved disabled access throughout the station
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Historic England and Natural England say "no objection"

Historic England, the body that protects, champions and saves places that define who we are, has said it has no objection to the Hampton Court Station application on heritage grounds.

Historic England are the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England's spectacular historic environment. 

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