People love the open space

Local people have overwhelmingly backed the Jolly Boatman site becoming a landscaped open public space.

In a survey, conducted by the Hampton Court Rescue Campaign (HCRC) earlier this year, 73% of the local audience agreed that the site should be landscaped and become an open public space.  Just under 15% disagreed.

A spokesman for Alexpo and Network Rail said "We always knew the public square was the key element of this development, and this survey reinforces that.  Almost all of the Jolly Boatman site will be a landscaped open public space."

"There is an existing consent for a big development on the Jolly Boatman site, and this new scheme will take the development away almost completely."

"The trade-off for this new public square is to have about 5 foot ten inches on the top of the new residential block, and less than a metre on the hotel, but overall the density remains similar, if a little less, to the previous scheme."

"We clearly agree that the scheme needed significant amendments since it was submitted - and that view is backed up by the survey results.  That's why we've submitted significant changes, that have been re-consulted on by the council, to amend designs and other aspects.  These amendments have come about after major consultation with statutory and other stakeholders."

"Since the application and immediately prior to the application, some of the amendments have included:

1.  A commitment to secure the public square as open space, and an agreement to apply a restrictive covenant to the height across the whole site. 

2.  Design amendments to many of the buildings, to take into account our extensive consultation with Historic Royal Palaces.  For instance, using low reflectivity glass and differing use of bricks to help differentiate the buildings and create more visual interest.

3.  Reductions to some of the bulk and massing.

4.  The road and traffic solution to the site.

This follows on from the major changes during the three or four years prior to the application that we consulted with the Palace and other interested groups.  During this time, we removed development on most of the Jolly Boatman site, paving the way to the public square and a better visual link between the road and Cigarette Island park.  We also removed a ramp into the car park that would have taken away a large part of the public square."

"We recognise that there are a significant number of objections to this scheme, but the concurrence of the survey with those objections shows that we have got one significant thing right - which is to listen to local people and agree with them that the building from the previous consent should be set back further from the palace and river and that we should capitalise on the excellent opportunity to create a brand new public square for Hampton Court and East Molesey."


The survey was conducted on surveymonkey by HCRC, and promoted on the HCRC's Facebook page during the first quarter of 2019.  The survey, whose 98 participants were self-selecting, was headed "Hampton Court station, Jolly Boatman development".  As at 20 June 2019, the results of the survey were

"The site should be landscaped and become an open public space":  

Strongly agree  46.94%

Agree 26.53%

Neither agree nor disagree 11.22%

Disagree 11.22%

Strongly disagree 4.08%

"The site should be developed but the proposed scheme should be reduced in height and density":

Strongly agree  34.02%

Agree  26.80%

Neither agree nor disagree  11.34%

Disagree  17.53%

Strongly disagree  10.31%

"Alexpo/ Network Rail's scheme should be approved without amendments":

Strongly agree  6.12%

Agree  6.12%

Neither agree nor disagree  9.18%

Disagree  18.37%

Strongly disagree  60.20%

There seem to be some discrepancies of the survey results.  Here are screenshots of the survey taken on 24 June 2019: 


Here's a link to the survey results: