A great new public square, befitting the Palace

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Hampton Square, at Hampton Court station, is a great new public square, and part of the new Hampton Court Station redevelopment that also includes the ugly hoarded-off Jolly Boatman site.   

It brings with it 97 new homes, an 84 bed hotel, a new road layout that removes the gyratory and eases traffic problems onto the bridge, an upgraded train station, a café and a small foodstore.

A major new public square, befitting the international reputation of the Palace

A million people visit Hampton Court Palace every year, but when tourists come out of Hampton Court station now, they are not greeted with a view of the Palace, but with ugly hoardings.  These hoardings will come down, replaced with a major new public square, with a café and a mixture of soft and hand landscaping.

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Replacing the traffic gyratory with a significant investment in a simplified road network next to the bridge

We’re installing a simplified traffic network, extending from the bridge to Creek Road, eradicating the gyratory and putting in a traditional signal controlled junction (traffic lights).  Cars coming out of Creek Road will benefit from a new right hand turning lane.  We can’t promise to remove the local traffic congestion, but we can promise that our significant investment will improve matters. 

97 new homes

97 mainly one and two bed homes will be built, including affordable housing, all with private landscaped courtyards, balconies or rooftop terrace as well as a landscaped area next to the River Ember.  This will reduce the pressure to build in the green belt. 

A small foodstore and an improved modern station

We’re looking to build a Tesco Express, a Sainsbury’s Local or maybe some other brand.  The station itself will get a major modern refurbishment, which will only happen as a result of these plans. 

Construction time reduced by 14 months

Local people said we should use part of the park behind during construction for a 110 space temporary car park, using a recycled plastic matting system to reduce damage to the park. We will be legally committed to restoring the park to its former beauty soon after the two year construction phase.

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Who’s the team?

Network Rail has teamed up with Alexpo, the new owners of the Jolly Boatman site, to submit a planning application for this 3.5 acre site. There’s been a long planning history on this site, and an approved application from previous developers Gladedale, so we’re not starting from a blank sheet, which means we know not everyone will be happy.  We’re taking good elements of the old project; and radically improving it with the offer of a new public open square that befits the magnificent Hampton Court Palace.

What have you changed since the summer exhibition in June?

We’ve moved and narrowed the access road to the car park, taking it away from the river. This is part of the new simplified traffic network that we’ve also designed since the exhibition, which also includes the temporary car parking proposals in Cigarette Park.

Our landscape architects have been busy, designing a mix of soft and hard landscaping in front of the station. So too have our building architects, who have relooked at every elevation, many of the scheme’s small details, and construction materials.

At the exhibition, we showed plans that had removed development on the Jolly Boatman site, paving the way to the public square and an improved visual link between the road and Cigarette Island park. By that stage, we had also removed a ramp into the car park that would have eaten up a large part of the public square.

What about height and density?

We’ve raised the height of the homes by about 5 foot 10 inches (the height of an average man). We had to do this to remove the ramp into the car park, and create more space in the public square.

There’s a massive reduction in density and development on the Jolly Boatman site, because there’s no (or almost no) development here

The density of this scheme is comparable with the approved scheme

We’ve kept the same number of floors as before – there’s four floors throughout

Our architects, Allies and Morrison, have produced a first class traditional design, with extensive consideration of the views from the Palace. The high quality design and materials used will fit in with the area, and end the eyesore of the current Jolly Boatman hoardings that detract from the area.

Will there be enough parking?

There will be unused parking places in the car park at all times on a normal day, say transport experts. Surveys over the past five years have been used to demonstrate this.

In fact, there will be unused parking places in the car park on a normal day even if typical local car parking controls are brought in on local roads near to the station. A survey of commuters in October last year has shown this.

The new homes will have more car park permits available than the approved scheme, and there will be plenty of spaces for the hotel

Station users will benefit from a short free parking period.

The basement car park will be flood proof, with the top car park open to the elements and with a view onto the platforms.

What else is the developer providing?

We’re delivering 12 affordable homes, or 12%, whereas the previous scheme delivered just 7 units.

We’re paying over £2 million to improve infrastructure in the wider area

31 new trees and protection for the mature hedge

Extending the cycleway to the station, and adding 180 cycle spaces.

There will be a dedicated area for buses and taxis, as well as a service road for the new homes.

We’re creating many dozens of jobs. Anywhere between 50 and 125 full time jobs.

Want more details?

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