Questions and Answers

Why is there no copy of the planning application in Molesey Library?

We understand a leaflet has gone out from a local group in Molesey saying that there is a hard copy of the planning application in Molesey Library.  It is not correct that there is a hard copy there.

However, we have been asked by the local council to provide a hard copy for this library, and we are happy to oblige.  It may take a few days to print, but we hope to have it in the library very shortly.  In the meantime, the plans can be viewed online here

Update:  I understand the full plans are in the library now.

How do I become a supporter of the scheme?

The only way to become a supporter of the scheme is to send a letter or email into the council.  You can do this by writing to the council at [email protected]

Can you confirm the existence of new traffic signals at the Creek Road junction? The signal posts, shown in blue at all other locations, are not shown on the transport drawing.

Traffic signals are not proposed at the Creek Road junction. This junction will operate on a give-way basis as existing, but will have an additional lane for traffic turning right from Creek Road.  This is a change from the previous scheme and was as a result of comments received during the public consultation exercise held this summer.

Can you please confirm the use of traffic signals (or other method) to hold back the northbound traffic-flow from Esher on Hampton Court Way, to allow for the right-turn out of Creek Road? The drawing as is, does not explain how the right-turning Creek Road traffic falls in with the south-bound carriageway.

The new signals at River Bank and the replacement signals at the existing pedestrian crossing will be phased to allow gaps in traffic for vehicles to turn in and out of Creek Road.  ‘Keep Clear’ markings are proposed on the Hampton Court Way northbound traffic lane at the Creek Road junction to deter vehicles from obstructing the exit from Creek Road in the event of queuing on Hampton Court Way northbound. This is a continuation of the existing arrangement.

You intend to introduce signals on the bridge to allow for safe entry/exit from the new car park. Are you able to confirm if a new right turn exit from the car park is planned. In which case, when crossing the opposite carriageway, will the traffic-flow 'downstream' from it be synchronised to allow for this safe manoeuvre?

A single traffic exit lane from the site is to be provided at the proposed new traffic signals. This will cater for all exiting traffic movements so vehicles can turn right and left or go straight ahead down Riverbank. This exiting traffic will have a green signal at the same time as traffic exiting Riverbank. The traffic signals will show a red signal to traffic on the Hampton Court Way approaches to the junction at this time, in the same way as most signalised cross roads function.

Removing the provision for blue-badge users and electric vehicles, the Car Parking Report offers up 163 car park spaces, freely available to all-users. The actual plan diagram, shown in Page 66 of your Design and Access Statement illustrates 157 spaces, 6 fewer than the report. Either way, can you please confirm?

We really value accuracy in our planning application documents, and we’re keen to resolve any inconsistencies. 

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistencies in the Design and Access statement drawing, the Car Parking Report and the Transport Assessment, and my colleagues will be making steps to rectify this.  The detailed Architect’s Basement and Lower Ground Floor Plans have precedence over all other information, so they are the ones to rely on.  The figures are:

  • There are a total of 207 car parking spaces.
  • There are eighteen spaces for disabled badge holders of which 4 have electric charging.
  • There are 189 standard parking bays of which 16 have electric charging.
  • 9.7% of the total parking capacity has electric charging.

There are disabled spaces located on the Basement Floor?  Why, and are all doors sufficiently wide for disabled-access?

All doors are the same, disabled friendly. The spaces can be accessed by a disabled-accessible lift.

How many spaces are there for electric vehicles/chargers, and how many for Blue Badge use.

A total of 20 car parking spaces are shown to have electric charging of which 4 are disabled badge holder spaces.  

There appears to be a separate in/out access entrance for each car park level.  Is that correct?


It appears that the first available “in” on the Access Rd will be the for the Basement Floor. If on entering the car park, that level is full, and the driver chooses to explore the spaces on the floor above, is the driver able to take a right turn to access the other level?

Yes. There will be variable signage for each car park to indicate Car Park Spaces / Full – to reduce the likelihood of vehicles entering a level that is already full.

And in reverse, if the upper level of parking is full and I proceed to the Basement entrance, there appears to be no clear sight-lines or a safe turning-circle designed into the plans.  

The likelihood of this manoeuvre (ie left turn into basement car park access) taking place will be reduced if variable (Full/Spaces) signing is operated at the car park. This is a low speed traffic environment and sight lines are restricted to encourage low speed. Some speed reduction measures may be required on the access road to help ensure vehicle speeds are low and compatible with the available limited visibility.  The scheme will be subject to a safety audit at detailed design and if necessary build outs can be provided to improve sight lines.

Is there anything else to say about the car park?

Occupancy surveys of the existing car park show peak demand on a normal weekday to be around 50% of current capacity; whilst car parking demand forecasts show that the proposed car park capacity will exceed demand on a normal weekday.  The provision for electric charging points is intended mainly to be for over-night users.  Over time we would expect the demand for electric vehicles to continue to increase and there is flexibility to adjust the number of charging points, up or down, to suit demand.

Is the temporary car park a separate application?

Yes, it is number 2018/3803.

Who are the applicants?

The applicants are Alexpo Ltd and Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd.  Alexpo are private investors and the company is registered in the Isle of Man.