Above is an image slider showing the old Gladedale scheme superimposed onto the new Alexpo scheme.  


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Much of the content for these pages came from the public exhibition in June 2018, and over the Summer we've listened to your feedback and redesigned some elements, which we are sharing with local groups during September and early October 2018.

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The Scheme


The local council granted permission for a development on this site in 2008 and the new owners would still be allowed to build this permitted scheme if they wished.

The permission was granted when the site was owned by a company called Gladedale.  Gladedale sold their interest in the site a few years ago to a fund called Alepo, who have been reviewing whether a better scheme could be found. 

We think the new plans are significantly better than the permitted scheme, and we hope you agree.

At the top and bottom of this page is an image slider of the two plans - one old, and one new.  You can use the image slider tool to see the plans as they were and as they are now: 


Plan of the permitted scheme from 2008

The permitted scheme allows five fingers of development on the east, comprising a hotel, residential and a care home, above a two level basement for parking accessed via a long ramp from Hampton Court Way.  On the west of the station, a further residential building was permitted fronting the road.

  • Hotel, at entrance of station, obscures view across to the Palace.
  • Residential blocks and a care home facing Cigarette Island.
  • Entrance into car park via a ramp from Hampton Court Way.


Proposed New Scheme 

  • The hotel from the previous scheme, fronting the Thames and the Palace will not be built, so there will be four buildings on the east, not five
  • Instead, we a proposing a large area of public open space at the entrance of the station that allows visitors and residents alike to the left the station and view the Palace.
  • Shops and café next to the station
  • A hotel with a retail element is not proposed to the west of the station, where the second hand car dealership is currently.
  • Up to 97 new homes, including 1 and 2 bedroom flats
  • There will be affordable homes as part of the proposal but the exact percentage is still to be determined
  • An improved car parking arrangement including 205 car parking spaces for users of the station and residents.
  • The taxi and bus drop off zone on the west side of the station is improved and made safer


Opening up the station and riverside front

One of the big improvements of the new proposal over the permitted scheme is that the highly contentious hotel, fronting the Thames and the Palace, is not to be built.

Instead the plans include a large area of public realm and open space at the entrance of the station that makes it a much more pleasant place for residents and visitors.  Those leaving the station will enjoy views of the open space and of the palace.

  • Provides large open space next to the river, creating a new area of landscaped public realm for the local area.
  • Less development with buildings set back form the river, acknowledging Hampton Court Palace.
  • Replacement station car park to be more user friendly than the permitted scheme.
  • Ground floor café creating enclosure to public realm

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