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Much of the content for these pages came from the public exhibition in June 2018, and over the Summer we've listened to your feedback and redesigned some elements, which we are sharing with local groups during September and early October 2018.

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Transport and parking

Parking sketch

The parking is located in a two level under croft and basement car park under the residential element on the east of the site.  The car park will provide up to 205 new parking spaces for users of the station and of the development, this includes disabled parking. 155 cycle spaces will be provided for the new housing (in excess of council standards), with more for the retail and hotel.

A drop off and a pickup area for station users will be provided at the under croft level of the car park, with direct access to the station.

The upper level of parking is designed to accommodate controlled flooding in extreme events as required by the Environment Agency to assist in mitigating wider flood risks.  The entrance to the lower car park is designed at a level to exclude these flood events and will remain dry. 

The plans alter an existing road to access the park, enabling more landscaped open space in front of the station; and avoiding the need for the ramp and tunnel under the tracks including the permitted scheme. 




The existing junction:
  • The existing junction has multiple access points form the site with many potential conflict locations.
  • There is only one signalised crossing over Hampton Court Way.
  • The existing station car park has 204 spaces but surveys show that on a typical weekdays it is only used by 70-90 cars.
  • Turning out from Creek Road and Riverbank is difficult in peak hours.

The current road access

The proposed scheme:
  • Traffic will be mitigated by the provision of new traffic signals including safer pedestrian crossing facilities, and changes to the alignments of some of the junctions. The new traffic signals will reduce the number of points of potential conflict and will improve the safety for road users and pedestrians.  They will also improve the ability to turn out of Creek Road and Riverbank.
  • The proposal provides 205 car parking spaces. Final arrangements are to be concluded, but Network Rail may manage the whole car park, with residents able to obtain season tickets for the car park. Similarly, any hotel users who arrive by car will be able to use the car park overnight.
  • Proposed measures such as a car club will reduce the need for residents to rely on a private car.

The proposed scheme:


Car parking during construction

Local groups have asked us to look at using a slither of the park on Cigarette Island to the east of the station during construction, to provide a temporary replacement for the existing station. If we do this, a temporary surface will be laid down on an area in the park using a recycled plastic matting system to minimise any damage to the park.  It will be completely removed following construction, but we know that some people may be concerned about this usage, even if it is temporary. We would enter into a binding commitment that the park goes back to its previous state within a year of completion.

Using the park will alleviate concerns that the commuter and public parking could be displaced onto local streets during the construction period.  The alternative is to have a phased development and use the west side of the station for a more limited amount of parking, whilst the east side is built, but this would clearly prolong construction.

A temporary car park on a slither of Cigarette Island could also reduce the period of disruption locally, by some 14 months as the construction would no longer have to be phased.

Option for temporary parking




Do you support local groups calling for a temporary car park on Cigarette Island during construction to maintain sufficient parking for the station throughout and reduce the construction period by about 14 months?


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